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United Way 21-Day Equity Campaign


Over 1,800 of Quad Citizens have signed up to take action and change habits to bring about systemic change and advance equity through the 21-Day Equity Challenge. Click on the links below to find daily actions to walk you through your own personal 21-day equity challenge. 

  • DAY 1: Personal Racial Identity
  • DAY 2: Understanding and Reflecting on Our Bias
  • DAY 3: What is Privilege? 
  • DAY 4: Talking About Race Is Challenging for Some. Here's Why. 
  • DAY 5: The Impact of Racial Trauma on Black, Indigenous and Other People of Color
  • DAY 6: Levels of Racism
  • DAY 7: Opportunity in the Quad Cities
  • DAY 8: Segregation
  • DAY 9: Racial Disparities in Homelessness and Housing
  • DAY 10: How Your Race Affects Your Health
  • DAY 11: What is Environmental Racism?
  • DAY 12: The Racial Wealth Gap
  • DAY 13: Behind the Starting Line — Racialized Outcomes in Early Childhood 
  • DAY 14: Education & School-Aged Children 
  • DAY 15: Adverse Childhood Experiences
  • DAY 16: Equity & The LGBTQI+ Community 
  • DAY 17: Building a Race Equity Culture 
  • DAY 18: Being an Ally 
  • DAY 19: Tools for the Racial Equity Change Process 
  • DAY 20: Final Reflections
  • DAY 21: Take Action in the Quad Cities