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Equity Challenge Day 21

DAY 21: Take Action in the Quad Cities

Congratulations on completing our first session of the Quad Cities 21-Day Equity Challenge! We are incredibly thankful you have come along this journey with us and made time to learn and reflect on topics of equity within our community. We know these conversations and the feelings they evoke are not always easy, but making more space for brave dialogue is one of many steps we can take toward achieving equity in the Quad Cities.

Before we closed registration for our first 21-day session, more than 500 people signed up for the 21-Day Equity Challenge — an inspiring community of individuals ready to bring about change. I hope each of you will share a reflection on your experience with a family member, friend or co-worker and continue expanding the understanding of equity.

With a shared vision, together we can and will reduce and prevent racial inequities across systems that impact education, income and health in the Quad Cities.

Education, income and health form the foundation that allows each of us to reach our full potential. All three are essential and interconnected. You need a good education to get a good job. You need a good job to provide for yourself and your family. You need good health to keep your good job and enjoy an active, productive life. With all of these building blocks firmly in place, every Quad Citizen can live their best possible life.

Below we have compiled a list of opportunities for you to continue this conversation and take action to build a more equitable and resilient Quad Cities.                             

Today’s Challenge: 

Option 1: Register to attend the Quad Cities Equity Summit on Oct. 15. You will participate in discussions that will inspire action — this may be via zoom, at your library, church, neighborhood restaurant, office break room or even around your kitchen table. Hold your discussion wherever you can gather, talk and brainstorm with a group of 8 to 12 people. To learn more and register, click here

Option 2: Giving your time and expertise is a meaningful way to be part of the change. Sign up at United Way Quad Cities Volunteer Hub. Find a volunteer opportunity that fits your schedule or interests or browse agencies that need support. 

Option 3: Use your voice to raise awareness and convince policy makers to create lasting change. Did you know Election Day is rapidly approaching? Make sure you’re able to participate. Now is the time to request your absentee ballot so you can vote from home and return it in time for the Nov. 3 election. To request your official ballot visit the appropriate link for Iowa and Illinois and follow the directions. 

Option 4: Have you registered in the Census? Nothing is more important than an accurate report if we want the Quad Cities to have its proper share of federal dollars for education, housing and more! It takes two minutes to participate in the Census. Click here to take or share the Census. 

Option 5: Taking action in our bi-state region can be confusing — with so many mayors, city councils, county board members, state legislators and so on. Want an easy way to keep current on who’s in office, when their terms expire and how to reach them? Click on this link for the Public Officials Directory put out by the Bi-State Regional Commission on the left of the screen. Following each election, the contents will be updated to reflect current officeholders. 

Option 6: Invest in United Way's African American Leadership Society and equity-focused solutions aimed to improve education, income, and health outcomes for Quad Cities African Americans. 

Option 7: Check out Quad Cities Empowerment Network for listing of local Black businesses, Black-led community groups and other local resources to support.