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App Upgrade

BhB&T Card Management Features

The BhB&T mobile banking app upgrade allows you to use your card easily, manage your cards on-the-go, understand your spending, and engage in real time alerts.

Use your card easily

  • Add an enrolled card to your digital wallet such as Apple Pay® or Google Pay™.
  • View one-time payments made to your card kept on file in the merchant's database as well as automatic payments made from your card to merchants on a regular basis.
  • Display your digital card information (full card number and details), needed to perform transactions without using a physical card.

Manage your cards on-the-go

  • Turn your cards on and off - when the card is off, no purchases or withdrawals are approved except for previously scheduled recurring payments.
  • Enable controls to restrict your card usage based on location, spend limit, merchant type, and transaction type.
  • Establish alerts for each time your card is used based on specific desired alerts or when a transaction is attempted but declined.
  • Manage your travel plans to allow transactions in specific domestic and international destinations.

Understand your spending

  • Check transactions and account balances associated with cards enrolled in "My cards". Transactions are listed with recognizable merchant details so you are able to seamlessly identify transactions.
  • Get spend insight analytics to see what, when and where your transactions are occurring.

  Download the Blackhawk Bank & Trust mobile app

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Once downloaded, log in and tap on "My cards" to begin taking control of your BhB&T debit & credit card transactions right from the palm of your hand.