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Wire Transfers

Incoming International Wire Transfers


Blackhawk Bank & Trust has teamed up with foreign exchange specialists Western Union and BMO for incoming international wires, and Western Union for all outgoing international wires without a US Correspondent bank, to bring you a better deal on fast, reliable payments from overseas.

2-5 DAYS 

International payments usually take 2-5 business days to reach the recipient, but it may take longer depending on the country and receiving bank. 


Required Information about Receiver:

  • Beneficiary account number
  • Your institution's branch
  • Name, address, country

Required Information about Sender:

  • Payer name, address, country
  • Sending bank name
  • Reference
  • Email address

Complete the Form

Please follow the external link below and complete the form to obtain payment instructions you will need to share with the payor. Once we receive confirmation that payment was submitted by the payor's bank, we will arrange for the full payment amount to be transferred into your account. You can usually expect funds to reach your account within two business days from when funds are received by Western Union.

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