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Blackhawk Bank & Trust recently introduced a new security method for accessing online banking via a desktop. 

We've been experiencing some problems with this system and are working hard to fix these issues. We apologize for the inconveniences you are having. 

Below is a quick link to the log in page. Logging in here may help make the log in process smoother.

Log In


#1: Choose how to receive your one-time passcode

The Layered Authentication is a security feature designed to protect the privacy and security of your personal information. The one-time passcode is used to authenticate your device.

Help tip: Enter the same phone number for both fields.

  • Text Message:

     Enter a mobile phone number if you’d like to receive a text message with your one-time passcode. If you do not have a mobile device, enter your home phone number here.
  • Phone Call:

     Enter your home phone number here if you’d like to receive a recorded voice call with the one-time passcode sent to your home phone. If you do not have a home phone, enter a mobile phone number.

#2: Receive your one-time passcode

Help tip: If you do not recognize the phone numbers listed (mobile or home), please contact our eBanking team at (309) 787-9575. Thank you. 

  • Text Message:

    Choosing “send text message” will prompt the system to send you a SMS text message with the one-time passcode. This SMS message can only be sent to a mobile device.
  • Phone Call:

    Choosing “call phone” will prompt the system to send you a recorded voice call with the one-time passcode. This call can be sent to a mobile device or home phone.

#3: Enter your one-time passcode

Once you receive your recorded or SMS delivered passcode, you’ll be prompted to enter the passcode.

When the passcode has been entered, and “continue” is selected, the user will be taken to the home screen of Online Banking and will continue as usual.

One-time passcode verification, or Secure Now, is currently available only via Online Banking on a desktop, mobile device, or tablet using browser based log in methods. Mobile banking and Business Online Banking will continue to be authenticated using multi-factor authentication only (Mobile Banking) or security tokens (Business Online). Message and data rates may apply from your phone carrier to receive SMS text messages.

As cybercrimes become more sophisticated, so must the measures we take to ensure your safety and security while banking online. With the introduction of the one-time passcode verification, we can help verify your identity when you access Online Banking from your desktop.

one-time passcode verification adds an extra layer of security by identifying your device

The passcode verification will appear the first time a user logs in after the feature was implemented and will appear each time the system does not recognize the device or location of the user.